Gift for Girlfriend, Circle of Love, Monogrammed Hearts Necklace, Gift for Wife

  • Unique, one-of-a-kind gift
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  • Unique, one-of-a-kind gift
  • NOT SOLD in stores
  • USA: 2-8 Business Days

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oh my gosh I ordered two different necklaces from this shop and we just love the quality, the case is gorgeous, can't wait to give to our Moms for Mother's day. Thank you for fast shipping and all you do in making these so beautiful 😍


These are very good, really like the quality


I recently needed a special, custom gift to show my thanks. In my case, that meant unicorns had to be involved. After perusing for the perfect, unicorn-related item, I ultimately chose the Galloping Unicorn cutting board for its quality and uniqueness - I also felt that the shop owners were warm and genuine. The recipient is thrilled with the gift, and Rachel and Chris confirmed what a great shop I thought this to be when they went the extra mile and provided a card to accompany the item at my request. Great service and a great product are hard to find together!


The craftsmanship is beautiful! The store owner was very kind and helpful when it came to navigating holiday shipment delays. Great customer service! I would highly recommend.


Great mug! It was fun to give as a gift! Outstanding customer service!!


Beautiful carving! great for entertaining.


Beautiful product! Great craftsmanship and outstanding customer service!

Beverly F.

I love the beautiful wooden box this lovely necklace came in. It is for one of my granddaughters birthday. She is special and so is this gift. I know she will be moved when she reads the poem enclosed.


It arrived yesterday and I love it. I can’t wait to give it to my son. I love the mini light in the wooden. Beautiful display


The box it comes in is beautiful and once you open it a light turns on making it amazing! And the necklace is so elegant! Love it

Do you want to melt her heart and bring tears of joy and gratitude to her eyes? Imagine her opening up this exquisite Elegant Monogrammed Hearts Necklace and reading these heartfelt words:

“My Love, You complete me like a circle of love.”

This Elegant Monogrammed Hearts Necklace is a thoughtful gift for your wife, fiancé, girlfriend, sister, best friend, daughter, granddaughter or grandmother. It is also a considerate gift for your soul sister, bonus mom, stepmother, bonus daughter, stepdaughter, daughter-in-law, mother-in-law, plant mom, fur mom or any other special woman in your life. Show her that you care by gifting her this lovely necklace and see how happy she will be!

Unique, thoughtful and precious, this Elegant Monogrammed Hearts Necklace comes in either .925 Genuine Sterling Silver or in an 18K Yellow Gold finish over Genuine Sterling Silver, with your choice of 1, 2, or 3 heart charms per necklace. Each heart is hand-stamped with a letter (monogram) of your choice, one letter for each heart. Each monogrammed heart is asymmetrical and measures 0.4” x 0.3” (10mm x 7.7mm). You choose a letter for each heart that will be hand-stamped. Due to the manual nature of the stamping process, please note that the placement of the letters will be different for each heart. It comes with an adjustable 16"-22" (40.64cm-55.9cm) matching cable chain with a lobster clasp. It comes packaged in a handsome gift box with this personalized message card inside. 

A Word About 925 Silver and Sterling Silver

Pure silver is soft and is generally unsuitable to be used in jewelry and other items. Mixing other metals with silver, like zinc, copper or nickel, makes it an alloy that increases its hardness and durability. The term “Sterling silver” means that it is an alloy made from 92.5% silver and 7.5 % other metals. The United States, Europe and most of the world, enforces a strict standard of sterling silver at 92.5% silver to 7.5% copper or other metals. When you see the term “925 Silver” this means that this is certified and genuine “Sterling Silver.” The two terms are the same.

How to Identify Genuine Sterling Silver. Certified Sterling Silver is the same as Genuine Sterling Silver and will always have a mark or stamp, called the “hallmark.” Certified sterling silver will be stamped or marked with the word “sterling” or “S925” or “925” or “STG” or “SS” or “STER.” These are all authentic notations of Certified Sterling Silver. So, be careful, if what you are buying does not have this hallmark stamp, it is not Certified Sterling Silver. Both heart pendants and chain are Certified Sterling Silver. If we claim an item to be Certified or Genuine Sterling Silver, we stand behind that claim. Your product has the hallmark stamp and our team will have inspected samples to be sure that they are of the best quality. In addition, our Genuine Sterling Silver jewelry does not contain nickel or lead, so you have our personal guarantee that you will not have an allergic reaction. If, for whatever reason you do, simply let us know and we will make things right.

We normally get this produced in 3-7 days. Then, we ship it out via USPS with a tracking number directly to your door to make you happy! This is produced and ships from Florida, USA. Please note that once it is on its way, it is the responsibility of the carrier and we cannot guarantee that it will arrive in time for a certain holiday or special occasion. Sorry, there are no refunds for delayed deliveries. We are not responsible for customs or taxes imposed upon this product by your country, if any.

Would you like a different message? Or maybe a message for someone else? We have several versions of this product with different messages. Please take a look around. Or, if we don't have what you want, just send us a note and we’ll see what we can do. We can surely make up something that will be personal and special for you and your loved one.

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